Plan E

One of the rude awakenings of adulthood is learning that things don’t always go as planned.. Sometimes failure opens up new doors to new things. Sometimes it just fckn hurts…

Always make the best of things.. Giving up is not an option..
For the record.. life isn’t horrible.  It’s great actually… but it could be better 😉

So my last blog was about my test run in Shanghai living.. I started a blog because I anticipated no facebook access and crappy internet.. But I did get both.. I explored my living options in Shanghai and was ready to make some moves.. made a few minor life changes, started fattening up the savings account.. And boom!! I got stuck again.

Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Plan D
Plan E.
Go back to school.
But not without a proper pre-academic send off.

Started off with some truly crazy craziness in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, then all sorts of 80 proof amnesiac activites in Vegas with the Fambam. Then to Europe to see some fancy Pagan rocks, hot French babies, and spend some quality time drinking coffee in coffeeshops in Amsterdam.  I planned a much more ambitious Asia tour.. But narrowed it down to Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and Bali.  I really wanted to hit up Boracay and Shanghai.. But that will have to be another trip… I also initially planned some medical volunteering in Peru, but im overspending all over the place in every way… Pushing that one on the backburner as well..

Barely recovering from Europe…   it was time to head East…


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