So I didn’t really do my homework…

I usually research the hell out of my destinations, but lately I haven’t done very much research at all.. Honestly, I’m way too exhausted to sit on the computer. I werk like a maniac, and my job as a nurse is physically and mentally exhausting.  My recent attempts at ”winging it” and being somewhat spontaneous have been a bit liberating, as things have been great and have worked out, for the most part.. Until last night when I almost got deported back to the US after a million hours in flight and layovers.. My aggressive Jersey attitude automatically kicked in with the airport Visa office, as they were insisting that my only option was to fly back to the US.. If it were China, they would punted my ass back home.

After an hour of back and forth everything.. And $$$ later.. I got a visa.. although they said that the Viet Visa gods would be calling my hotel in the morning because it’s not a real visa.. Whatever that meant.. My taxi driver was thankfully still waiting for me outside the airport.. I’m still partly paranoid that the Viet Visa gods will scoop me up and send me back home…


Did some wandering around this morning.. Didn’t see anything particularly spectacular.. Saigon is a big city.  Generally the whole big city thing usually bores me unless there’s something to get wet over.  I attempted to walk to see some historical sites, but got lost and decided I really didn’t want to see them anyway.. Too much sweaty effort… Besides.. I didn’t do much of my Vietnam War homework.

Enjoyed a some sweet rocket fuel.. Vietnamese coffee.. Which didn’t quite agree with my body.. well.. it conflicted with my  jetlag.. My body was trying to rest, while my mind raced into a panic… Many time, it takes me a minute to adjust into vacation mode.  But I think I was more concerned with the Viet Visa gods sitting in the back of my mind..

I’m off to get more cash out of the ATM for my food tour.. Pray that I don’t get sick from street food….


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