Angkor Wat

Bought some goodies for myself last night at the Night Market.. Went around trying to see how low I could bargain down. I do love that I could use USD, as its always a bitch trying to gauge how much money to mac out, then taking home the excess currency.  The people here are very friendly and sweet.. in some poorer countries the people are alot more aggressive or trying to rip you off hardcore. Theyre so nice here that I actually feel bad turning people down when they’re trying to (nicely) hustle some tourist $$..

So I bought myself a Tiger beer tank top, possibly fake sandalwood prayer beads, a silver ring (I usually only buy jewelry on vaca), and a scarf. $11 total.. I know I could’ve bargained harder, but I’ve learned to just give in sometimes…especially when its a matter of a few dollars or cents.. The same item at home would cost so much more.

I do love that alot of their products are Cambodian made.. As opposed to most touristy products ive seen that are made in China..

Slept well, although I usually have this crazy fear of bedbugs,.being a frequent traveler and also living on the east coast (nyc bedbug scare!).. But no bedbugs.

Ordered the ”American” breakfast option this morning, which was of course, way too much food.. But I ended up burning it off fast anyway..

Temple hopping this morning was fucking amazing. Truly fucking amazing..

As a lover of really old things, and an avid ”toucher”.. I was in heaven roaming around the temples.. Easily added to my list of awesome life experiences.. Which includes.. Bali, the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, the NYC skyline when I used to live in Weehawken.. Just to name a quick few…

My tuk tuk driver’s name is Bross and he is very sweet and patient.. Riding in the tuk tuk was super fun.. For $9, I had a personal driver for the day until sunset.. But towards the end,I got templed out in the heat and opted to go home around noonish.. 4 hours is long enough.. At the last temple I saw, I had a good laugh with some fellow Americans from Washington state.. there were about a million very steep stairs up the temple to get to the other side.. so I went backwards instead.. Tomorrow I will start earlier at 7am, since I wake up way to early anyway, and Bross will pick me up for for temple hopping and maybe some waterfalls..?

The night market area and Pub Street are dead during the daytime.. Stopped by the Old Market area to pick up a wallet for my money.. I did get a cute one made of old elephant cement bags.. $3.50.. I could’ve gotten it cheaper, but nbd… I just wanted the damn thing.

Had some delicious Indian food as recommended by Lonely Planet.. I think it was called Little India.. not sure.. Best meal I’ve had so far..  Almost got a pedicure, but I’ll wait till Bali when my sister meets up with me..

Right now I have to make myself relax and do nothing… maybe edit some pics.. The art of doing nothing is quite difficult for me… I even have a To Do list while on vaca..


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