China Layover #1 – Guangzhou

Even the security/immigration guy questioned my idiotic flight to Cambodia from Vietnam through China. We had a good laugh over my ridiculous travel itinerary though…

Test run for my shitty 9 hour overnight layover next well.. Another stupid move on my behalf… I didn’t read the fine print on that one…. I’ve learned many lessons this trip.. Mainly to actually take the time and really do my homework.. I can’t let my job frazzle me from real life operations..

So this is a decent airport.. And they have free wifi.. But I can’t get on it. They don’t have an english translated sign on page so I can log in.. I’m going to try to translate it when I make it back to the free world.. This brings back flashbacks of my Shanghai experience, when everything was a puzzle, a mystery.. Particularly getting onto the internet without being able to read Chinese..  I think I still have stuff left from my China Mobile fone/simcard, so it might be of use.. Aside from the whole communist thing.. It really seemed that alot of their  operations were deliberately formulated to keep certain things “regulated” and exclusive. China loves WALLS.

Seriously, China.. I love you, but you give me a headache.. Speaking of Chinese influenced headaches.. The Chinese dude behind me on the flight over here was hocking loogies and blowing snot rockets.. China!

I picked up a box of Chinese cigarettes at the smoking lounge.. Used my yuan stash.. I have about 6 or 7 different currencies on hand.. Next door they have $8 coffee.. And $18 elios. Apparently they smoke crack in Guangzhou..

Ohyeah.. looked at a map and realized I’m near Hong Kong, not Shanghai.. That was Hangzhou, not Guangzhou. Way to feel like a stoofid American…


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