Mekong River. And doing your travel homework.

So I’m sitting on a plane on my way to China.. To end up in Siem Reap, Cambodia.. Yeah, the country right next door to a Vietnam. Had I done my homework like a good girl, or perhaps looked at a fucking map while booking flights.. I’m sure I could’ve saved myself some money.. So its like flying from JFK to Boston, but flying to Miami first.. I could have used the extra money towards my Peru trip.. Lesson learned. Again.

kick. self. in. ass. HARD.

In my defense.. I was werking like a maniac and had very little time to sit down and do real research like I usually do for my trips.. I relied on for all my bookings within asia.. Spontaneity is not my strongest suit.

In the end, I had a great time in Vietnam and would not mind going back again.
Yesterday I spent time on boats and island provinces.  Boats always make me happy.. And so do new experiences. For the record, I suck at boat rowing.. I hit several other boats on the little river.. With both oar and boat..

$25 for 12 hours of seeing lots of stuff.  Highlight of the tour.. (I ended up shifting in 4 different groups throughout the day.. met lots of people!).. When my  last tour group, mostly asians, busted out singing along with the radio to Lionel Richie’s ”Hello”.. Me and another american girl couldn’t help but crack up laughing.. Asians are the karaoke masters.. Singing it with more serious soul than Lionel himself.. Had to be there..

Good food, friendly people.. Fantastic food.. I would’ve loved to explore more.. Next time…

Something happened to my right foot yesterday.. I think wearing my Havianas exacerbated it. Long story short, I ended up limping home.. Very shitty time for me to develop a foot ailment.. Especially one this painful.. I google diagnosed myself with 5th toe  metatarsalitis.. Honestly, I’d rather it be splinter or a spider bite instead, which I initially presumed was the case.. Not sure how this will affect the rest of my little adventure, but I’ll hope for the best.  I asked my sister to bring extra advil just in case. My percocets are a bit inappropriate for this one..

Kinda looking forward to seeing China again.. Even if its just the airport.. I have a special place in my heart for dirty, stinky China..


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