Hotel Hopping. Ta Prohm. Trees and Temples.

Went to another temple this morning that was farther away.. I will edit this with  specifics at a later date.. Still totally blogging off my android..

Had a lovely ride through province areas that lit a small fire under my guilt of not going to the Philippines with my parents this month..  Seeing how the Cambodian people live reminded me of being in Masinloc, my parents’ hometown.. Half nekkid kids (and some nekkid babies) running around holding hands or enjoying simple carefree pleasures of being a kid..  Families preparing food together.. Bikes and motorbikes carrying coconuts or some other goods to be sold.. Shampooing hair outside at the water pump.. Or simply lounging around doing absolutely nothing. Slow, simple life..

When I was younger, I couldn’t understand why some filipinos actually didn’t want the opportunity to come to America.. Maybe they were the smarter ones.. American life is tough. Stressful. Expensive!  I work my ass off to be able to chomp on a fresh coconut in a developing country. Maybe the joke’s on me..

Yesterday I quit temple hopping around 12ish because of the heat.. Which was totally fine, because this morning I hit up Ta Prohm with full energy and fewer tourists..  Definitely my favorite temple here.. Also known as the ”Lara Croft Tomb Raider” temple.. For obvious reasons.. Temples and  trees.. Two of my favorite things in one.. This temple was super sexy.. The massive trees intertwined into the temples.. Words can’t even describe.. If I had more time, I’d actually stay to sit for a while.. Inside, some of the less trafficked corners of the temple were really soothing to just sit in… I was even able to tune out the passing tourists.. Luckily I went  early, as the crowds to tourists quickly turned into hordes while I exited.. I went out the wrong exit and had to quickly bypass the masses to cross to the other side where Bross was waiting for me.  I went around the perimeter inside of the temple walls which was a very quiet, beautiful, non trafficked area.. Too bad I was in a rush to get back to the hotel or I would’ve taken my time to wander and climb the ruins without people yelling at me..

Bross took me back to my hotel.. I checked out and then checked into my second hotel.. Which is quite different in character.. I had to book a second hotel because my first one couldn’t accommodate me the whole stay.. And I chose both for different reasons..

Golden Temple Village
.walking distance to Pub Street and the Night Market.. extremely convenient
.cute, personable, very warm, charming character and staff
.cute restaurant/lounge with free freshly made coffee, tea, free bananas, great food
.free 30 minute massage (which blew.. but still a nice addition to the package)
.yummy fresh lemony welcome drink in cute bowl with umbrella
.$15 a night
.broken a/c.. fan was all I needed though
.shitty simple bathroom.. nbd. i lived.

my second hotel.. for $5 more
.room twice the size
.air conditioned lobby
.more ”hotel” like.. multi floor, simple but very clean, cold a/c
.free breakfast
.nicer bathroom with great water pressure
..cons (not really):
.farther away, going to need a tuk tuk to get somewhere
.instant coffee, tea bags
.welcome orange ”Tang” like drink
.none of that cute Cambodian charm like the other place
.only one little girl running the desk of this big hotel.. unlike the other place that had lots of smiling staffing running around doing lots of stuff

No complaints though.. I am very content. Although I need to find lunch somewhere.. They offer in room oil massages also..

Just came back from a walk into town. Third shower of the day.
Although this room is comfortable, it has a sterile feel to it.. If it weren’t for the sexy tropical trees outside my window, I could very well be in.. NJ.
Lets cry.

Had some really delicious khmer food at a little random place called Blue Wave Bar. I know it’s good when I start the shoveling technique of feeding. Like when you give food to a starving dog. Except sometimes I forget to breathe. Beef with basil and lemongrass. Iced lemon/lime drink. Even the lime/citrus was yummy.. Had a distinct flavor.. Can citrus fruits have ”depth”? o__0


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