Lemongrass Garden Oil Massage

getting a massage can be hit or miss.. and ive had both.. while it’s hard to resist the lure of a super cheap massage, im willing to pay extra for quality work..most places here charge from $3-$10 an hour..

i found this place in tripadvisor and realized i had walked by it a million times.. i ordered the aromatherapy oil massage.. which was fabulous.. my masseuse was actually skilled and i came out smelling really nice.. if i was to go back, id get the hour and a half deep tissue massage..

for the record.. the best massage ive ever had was at Healing Touch in singapore.. fcking magic.. but this place was pretty good too.. $15 well spent..

i’m leaving tomorrow, so i made one last run to the Night Market to buy some temple art.. the first time i had seen them was at a temple in Ankgor Wat.. the guy was trying to sell them to me for $17, then quickly dropped he price to $5.. tonight i managed to buy 5 pieces for $20.. not bad. i figured.. i probably wouldnt be back in Cambodia for a while…

my indian resto was closed by the time i was done shopping.. letdown.. i was so set on eating cheap indian food.. im sick of cheap khmer food.. i have a banana and some water here at the hotel.  let’s get skinny.

im up late tonight.. i have nothing planned tomorrow… except breakfast and lunch.. technically, i could still go to the temples as i still have one more day on my pass.. but.. ill see how i feel in the morning..


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