Maharajah – Indian Cuisine


The hotel had a nice free simple breakfast that was more than suffice.. Flied lice, eggs, mystery weiners, fried potato thingys, sweet mango, and pineapple.. Decided that I was done temple hopping and opted to stay in and do nothing.. Well, I’m actually making a photo book of all the vacations I’ve taken over the past year.. Quite time consuming,.but.what good are digital files sitting in a hard drive. Knock on wood, but one day all that is digital must crap out eventually.

I’m sitting at Maharajah, another tripadvisor find, sipping on freshly made lemon(lime) drink.. Of course I tell myself that I will make this at home. I always bring the vacation home, and it lasts an average of a week before returning back to normal life.. Like my fresh fruit smoothies after Costa Rica, or my incense burning after Bali.. Let’s not forget the French baguettes after Paris, and the noodles and tea eggs after Shanghai.. Lemons are expensive. I will not fool myself into thinking I will make this at home.

Ordered the fish curry thali.. I thought the other place was good.. This one blows it out of the water! Its a ginormous platter.. Everything was delicious, even the quality of the condiments.. I’m taking home the leftovers.. Which I never do on vaca.. But I want to munch on this before I leave for my flight..


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