Day Trip from NYC: COSM and Hiking in Cold Spring NY

Since downtown Jersey City tightened up their parking rules (exponential overgrowth and issuing way too many passes for very few spaces), I have been living car-less for a while.  I love the freedom, but I sometimes miss the ability to get up and go.

Game PlanChapel of Sacred Mirrors in Wappingers Falls, NY to see the art work of Alex Gray, and then some hiking in nearby Cold Spring, NY.  All reachable by public transportation: PATH, NYC subway, then Metro North (COSM: New Hamburg stop, Cold Spring: Cold Spring stop).

Game changer: Your dear nature/art loving friends have​ a car 😁


I’ve always wanted to visit for a Full Moon party, but a lovely spring day visit will do.  There is a $5 fee to visit the house where much of Alex Gray’s artwork is displayed throughout the building, which also serves as a really cute Bed and Breakfast.  Visit the Mushroom Cafe for a beverage or a healthy snack.  Take some time to wander around the grounds surrounding the main house.

my souvenir.. I’ve been wanting this for a while..

Cold Spring, New York

There seems to be a number of trails to follow in the area, but the main entrance can be find as “Washburn Trail” on Google maps.  The trails are not super easy, require a bit of maneuvering, but are definitely fun.  My fashionable Steve Madden boots served well for selfie purposes only.  I had ugly hiking shoe envy for sure.. Lots of fresh air and beautiful views! Across the road of the trail entrance is a park, also with some beautiful views overlooking the Hudson River.


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