Ocean City Maryland : Destination Crab Feast

Orchestrating a group trip is always a challenge.  The original plan was a quick weekend in New Orleans, but coordinating seven people’s life and work schedules led us to an East Coast mini road trip to Ocean City Maryland.  Our crew only had four requests: food, beach, heated indoor pool, and that we are together.

We managed to find a beautiful place at the Hilton Oceanfront Suites that met all our needs and more.  The view from the terrace itself had a breathtaking view of the stretch of golden sand reaching the infinite ocean.  Unfortunately it was still pretty cold (50’s and 60’s) and cloudy with light rain, so I only enjoyed the view in short bursts, wrapped in a fluffy Hilton bathrobe.  If the weather permitted, I would have slept on the terrace and had the roar of the ocean lull me to sleep.

To do list: boardwalk, crabs, and Seacrets Jamaica for some night life.  

photobombed. on the beach.

soooo G.

deep fried red velvet Oreos.

Mission #1: Boardwalk

The cold wet weather gave us an excuse to seek shelter and indulge in boardwalk food.  Pictured: red velvet fried Oreos. Not pictured: funnel cake, fried pickles, hot dogs, cheesesteak, fresh lemonade, diabetes, hypertension.

Mission #2: Maryland Crabs

There was no shortage of all you can eat crab places and seafood restaurants in OCMD.  After asking several locals in different places in town where the best place to get crabs is, we settled on Phillips Crab House.  We had several options, but based on price, location, and convenience, Phillips was a solid choice.  Ocean City was a tourist town and we were going to pay tourist prices, as the drive into MD wasn’t worth the few dollars we’d be saving. I read mixed reviews on the internets, but the negatives were based on the buffet.  We ordered three dozen medium crabs to go, along with some other menu items.  We stopped by the grocery store to get some other essentials and cut some costs on dinner.  The crabs were great!! Meaty and delicious.  Eating crabs requires skills, patience, and an open mind.  It’s almost meditative… 

Somewhere in between the booze, swimming, hotel dance party, and napping, the plan to check out the nightlife in OC was forgotten.. but we still had more fun than I can publicly post…

3 and 1/2 headstands.


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